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From Ray Jantz <>
Subject Guacamole Printer is not Showing Up
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2016 20:57:55 GMT

I am trying to connect to a server that is running a product called
Thinstuff, which is a replacement for Microsoft Terminal Services.  It
implements the RDP protocol and with Guacamole I am able to establish a
remote desktop session.  However when I enable printing, I do not see the
Guacamole Printer as an option in the print dialog.  In syslog, I see the

Nov 20 14:22:39 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: Client ID confirmed
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: User logged on
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: Sending printer
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: Registered device 0 (Guacamole
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: All supported devices sent.
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: Device 0 (Guacamole Printer)
connected successfull

So it seems that Guacamole thinks the printer is connected.  The Thinstuff
FAQ has this information:

"For printer drivers which are not part of the standard windows printer
driver database you will have to install the specifi c printer driver once
on the server to make autoprinter creation work for this specific printer

Could this be the reason I am failing to see the Guacamole Printer?  If so,
how would I resolve the problem?  Or do you have other suggestions of
things I could try?


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