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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: guacd Unable to load client module
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2016 17:37:54 GMT
On Nov 22, 2016 6:16 AM, "Christian Bayerlein" <>
> Hi,
> I just installed guacamole 0.9.9 on my raspberry pi. Everything
> compiled and installed without problems and seems to start up
> normally. However, when I log in via the browser, the app doesn't
> connect to the guacd proxy.
> The following error shows up in syslog:
> Nov 22 15:03:13 rasp1 guacd[16331]: Creating new client for protocol "vnc"
> Nov 22 15:03:13 rasp1 guacd[16331]: Connection ID is
> "$b5b30be2-be99-4b86-9673-50c3fcf78c11"
> Nov 22 15:03:14 rasp1 guacd[16428]: Unable to load client plugin
> Nov 22 15:03:14 rasp1 guacd[16331]: Connection
> "$b5b30be2-be99-4b86-9673-50c3fcf78c11" removed.
> What does Unable to load client plugin mean?

Guacamole implements support for various protocols, in this case VNC,
through plugins loaded by guacd. These plugins are actually libraries
conforming to a specific API and naming convention.

To load support for VNC, guacd must be able to load "libguac-client-vnc".
Assuming the necessary dependencies were present when guacamole-server was
built (the output of the configure script would have listed this), the
necessary file would likely be located at

Can you confirm whether the above file is present?

If not, you will need to install the dependencies of the VNC support, and

If it IS present, did you remember to run ldconfig (as root) after "make
install" finished?

If so, it may simply be that the raspberry pi is not configured to look at
that location for libraries. Fixing that is usually just a matter of
editing "/etc/" (or adding a new file to "/etc/")
and rerunning ldconfig.


- Mike

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