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From Joseph Bernard <>
Subject authentication problems with 0.9.10
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2016 15:32:35 GMT
I’m trying to get 0.9.10 working on Oracle Linux 7.2.  Everything seems to have built right.
 I want to use MySQL/LDAP as my final method of authentication.  I tried MySQL(mariadb) at
first, but query logging revealed that it wasn’t even being touched before saying “Invalid
Login”.  So, I decided to use “user-mapping: user-mapping.xml” and that failed too.
 I was browsing the web and saw a mention of “basic-user-mapping:”.  I added the “basic-“,
and now I am able to log in.  What is going on?  I am using Tomcat 7.0.69-10 if that makes
any difference.

Joseph B.

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