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From Chris Miller <>
Subject Re: AW: Guacamole and xfreerdp
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2016 03:27:27 GMT
Hi Christian, 

| AW: Guacamole and xfreerdp

| you should set the security to tls on 2012/2012r2 and win8/win10 clients, 2008r2
| should work with RDP security,
Possibly so, ... In this case, I can connect to these two servers with xfreerdp, so necessary
functionality is present and not obstructed by security measures, like security certificates
or firewalls. 

| but what i see in the log is that guacd does not connect to your client at all i
| think - did you FQDN or IP on client config ?
I agree that the client is not connecting at all. I'm not sure where to look to diagnose the
problem. What I have found is in /var/log/messages, but nothing else shows anything noteworthy.
I have confirmed that I can ping the target desktop from the webserver, so I think that dispels
any DNS problems. The client in this case is a domain controller, so I am confident that normally
expected services are present, working, and correctly configured. 


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