Hi Folks,

I'm following Chapter 6 in the manual, which is an exceptionally good work.

I have installed MiriaDB, created a database, "guacamole", and user "guacamole" with a password, granted the necessary privs, and run the scripts in mysql/schema. I've confirmed that I can run "mysql -u guacamole -p" and that the database is populated. I can see "guacadmin". I've updated guacamole.properties accordingly.

I've added
It is not clear to me that I have expanded both tarballs correctly and put everything in the correct place.

In short, I believe I've followed Chapter 6 assiduously, but the guacamole logon page is now blank. If I comment out the entries in guacamole.properties, the I am back up and running with user-mapping.xml, but that simply confirms that guacamole.properties is correctly positioned and formatted.

Can anybody advise me?