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From Patrick L Archibald (PLA) ☮ <>
Subject Apache front end with HTTP Basic authentication Windows AD LDAP - username and password tokens
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2016 13:51:56 GMT

Our Intranet is an Apache front end configured with HTTP Basic
authentication via LDAP to a Windows AD. Apache uses ProxyPass
websocket-tunnel to the Guac Tomcat application server.

I would like to pass the HTTP Basic authentication user name and
password to Windows 2008 R2 RDS VMs and Windows 7 VMs. I had
noauth-config.xml configured like so:

    <config name="w7vdi007" protocol="rdp">
      <param name="hostname" value="w7vdi007.mydomain.lcl" />
      <param name="port" value="3389" />
      <param name="username" value="${GUAC_USERNAME}" />
      <param name="password" value="${GUAC_PASSWORD}" />
      <param name="domain" value="mydomain" />

This actually worked except the GUAC_USERNAME and GUAC_PASSWORD were
the same for everyone, apparently the first one to use it.

Before I roll my own authentication, is there a BASIC_USERNAME and

Any other suggestions?

Thanks, PLA

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