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From jean louis Abegg <>
Subject guacamole suggestions/ideas/is it already developped?
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2016 12:11:24 GMT
Hello team
and many thanks to you for your ideas of guacamole are indeed great!
one good part of it is the script for centos 7 who install everything ok.
maybe the docker part is as great too, but i didn't tried it yet, docker is
not of my habit, used to vm machines...

Everything works quite well.

Your idea and realisation of pdf printer under rd is great.

However, sometimes, the keybord keypad doesen't work well. I believe i'ts a
hard mater to solve.

My firs question is about the eventuality of adding citrix
support...feasible or not? and how about x2go?

My second question is about security: by concentrating such desktop, i'm
afraid that guacamole could become a real spot for hackers? How about a
child certificate, self generated for each guac user, and this certificate
would be an obligation for a browser to connect to guacamole from the web?
With the gestion of the stuff directly from the guacamole user gestion
interface of course ( creation of the child certificate, obligation to use
the child certif, revocation of the certificate...) That would permit an
extra security if a laptop disapear... With this double encryption, i would
be less reluctant to allow the use of guacamole from web...

Thank you again for all your hard work, with kind respect

Jean-Louis ABEGG

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