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From Chris Miller <>
Subject Screen resolution
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2016 16:10:56 GMT

Hi Folks,
When I view a desktop with RDP on a small format screen, like my 5x8" tablet, my desktop only
presents a small portion, meating I cannot see the complete desktop because it is already
at full zoom. I assume it is possible to get 100% of the desktop to display, even if it is
unworkably small, and then be able to zoom to a workable resolution. I see a width and height
parameter in the RDP config, but it is confusing and I have not got the experience yet to
do meaningful experimentation.
If there a way to display the entire desktop, regardless of screen size at either end, desktop
or client, and then zoom to a workable resolution?
Thanks for the help,
Laboriously sent to you from a handheld ...
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