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From Hogne Vevle>
Subject Integrating guacamole with external client
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2016 23:37:45 GMT
we are currently looking to use Guacamole to provide consoles for customers' VPS servers via
VNC. I'm still wrapping my head around the different parts of Guacamole, so please bear with
me and my ignorance :)

While everything works great in a test setup with the stock guacamole-server and guacamole-client
java web application, we need to integrate things into our existing control panel. We cannot
ship customers out of our control panel and into a Guacamole UI - we need to simply show the
actual VNC "feed" within our application. Our code base is mostly all C#, and our coding skills
are also concentrated on that language.

In a default setup of Guacamole, you have to create users and connections in guacamole-client
in order to connect to a VNC session. Is it possible to bypass this step, by simply passing
a host and port to either guacamole-client or guacd directly? Are we able to accomplish this
strictly by using the javascript "classes" provided by guacamole-common-js? If so, are there
any examples on how this can be achieved? Why we need this: the VNC port is fetched from the
VPS hypervisor at the time of connecting, so it’s not really possible to have this info
pre-populated in some database, as it’s not really available before the actual connection
should be set up. 

Does this make sense, or are there other recommended ways of accomplishing this?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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