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From Bob Henderson <>
Subject Re: Client confusion
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2016 12:26:45 GMT
I strongly recommend putting Guac behind a reverse proxy of some kind, to
limit both the ports  you need to forward, and to allow for easy SSL

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On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 9:42 PM, Andrew Sedlak <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I think the whole point of Guacamole is that it's a centralized system,
> allowing access through any web browser without the need for a client.
> Basically once you've configured all your devices to talk with Guacamole,
> you can access them all from a central point.
> Myself I have a small setup when I have devices from two locations all
> coming together in Guacamole. This does require some ports to be opened and
> forwarded but once that's done, it's a fire and forget sort of deal.
> Summary: This product is supposed to eliminate the need for client
> software.
> On 15/09/2016 06:41, Matthew Strowbridge wrote:
> Hello,
> Guacamole newbie here and I have client questions I just can’t find
> answers to. This may not be how to go about asking but I am going to give
> it a shot.
> I have Guacamole server up and running and have created an ssh connection
> to a colocated server with direct internet connection and dedicated IP
> address. I am able to connect to it through my Guacamole Home no problem.
> What confuses me is if there is not a client I can run on computers behind
> a router/firewall that connects to Guacamole server and allows me to
> connect to them through the Guacamole server as well, what is the point? If
> I have to create a connection providing an IP address and port to connect
> through on my Guacamole Home and then port forward from my firewall to the
> desired computer to be able to access it, I can just use RDP, SSH, or
> whatever native client to connect at that point. Am I missing something? Is
> there a client after all that I can run on say a Windows machine behind a
> firewall and still connect to it via my Guacamole server similar to a
> LogMeIn or Teamviewer service?
> Sorry for my ignorance and if this is not how to submit a question please
> inform me as to proper method.
> Regards,
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