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From Frode Langelo <>
Subject Re: Performance tuning
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2016 15:44:27 GMT
Hi Tucker,

Which specific performance issues are you seeing? Do you have high latency
and/or low bandwidth requirements?

What does the network latency and available bandwidth look like between
your VNC server and Guacamole server?

The VNC encoding parameters for the VNC server connection are set to "tight
zrle ultra copyrect hextile zlib corre rre raw" by default in libvncclient.
Have you explicitly set (and overridden) these encodings parameters in your
user-mapping.xml file? If so what are those parameters.

On 9/21/16 8:03 AM, Dogbert wrote:


So I'm in the middle of a POC to replace NoVNC with Guacomole over
web-sockets. We currently use TurboVNC(with virtualGL) as our vnc server. I
looked through the documentation, and I didn't see much that I could tweak
for performance other than color-depth. Is there anything I'm missing that
I could tweak to help performance, like a quality setting? Or would
changing the VNC server have any effect?


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