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From Matthew Strowbridge <>
Subject Re: Client confusion
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2016 16:05:53 GMT
Thanks Chris for your input as well. 

I am getting the picture, as far as Guacamole is concerned, it gives me no benefit other than
being able to access clients via http rather than individually via native client such as RDP,
SSH, etc.

Being that I currently use VPN access and then remote into each ws or server via a saved connection
within the appropriate client this would not even save me much time as it takes just as long
to log into Guac then choose the client and connect as it does to connect to it natively through
vpn. I will keep searching for a more logmein/Team Viewer like approach that does not require
VPN, Reverse Proxy, etc. I worked with a platform many years ago that was beta testing a remote
desktop add-in which wasn’t very good. Upon re-investigating it over the past couple of
days some improvements have come about that may prove to be a better solution as it involves
a client that connects to a server and is available as long as the client is connected.

Thanks again everyone for your info.


Matthew Strowbridge
On Call Technology Services Inc.
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> On Sep 15, 2016, at 11:43 AM, Chris <> wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> (I'm just on the mailing list and not associated with the Guac' team).
> Bob nailed this one further up in the thread - reverse proxy.  I have a Guac' server
sitting in my DMZ and it's accessible via the web through a reverse Apache proxy server. 
So, HTTPS to my web server (accessible from the Internet) then it reverse proxies that traffic
via HTTP internally (on port xxxx).  Rinse and repeat for the other sites.  Personally (if
I understand your scenario) I'd connect the sites via a VPN and route the traffic to a single
Guac' server.
> Rgds
> C
> On 15/09/16 15:51, Matthew Strowbridge wrote:
>> Good morning everyone,
>> Perhaps if I described my test scenario it will help to better explain what I am
trying to accomplish and hopefully give you, the experts, the information necessary to tell
me if this is possible and if so how to go about it. 
>> I have Guacd, Guacamole Server, and Mysql-server running in Docker containers on
a colocated physical server with direct internet access and public IP. Guacamole server utilizing
mysql authentication. I have port 8080 mapped into port 8080 of my Guacamole Server container.
My interest would be in being able to remote access machines running various operating systems
at various locations, some behind firewalls some being servers directly accessible via public
>> I have no issues setting up ssh configured devices in my Guac Home to connect to
publicly accessible servers on the internet. The only benefit this gives me is a single location
from which to access these servers via http connection to my Guac server. Now say for instance
I want to use Guacamole to access client workstations and servers running various OS at their
office locations behind firewalls. In order to use Guacamole it seems as though I would have
to possibly run a Guacamole server at each location with a single port forward on the firewall
into port 8080 of the Guac server or a reverse proxy at each location routing request from
my Guac server to the intended machines on the internal network is this correct or am I looking
at this the wrong way?
>> Thank you all for your time and information.
>> Regards,
>> Matthew Strowbridge
>> On Call Technology Services Inc.
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>>> On Sep 15, 2016, at 9:48 AM, Matthew Strowbridge < <>>
>>> Good morning Andrew and Bob, 
>>> First off Andrew thank you for your reply, however it added to my confusion somewhat.
You mentioned "once you configured your devices to talk with Guac”, this doesn’t jive
with me as in my installation it is Guac that talks to the devices being that there is no
client on the devices to talk to Guac.
>>> Bob, thank you as well for your input and again I must be looking at this incorrectly.
Based on the reverse proxy scenario, say I have “X” number of sites with multiple devices
behind a firewall at each site. Is it your recommendation to run a reverse proxy at each site
in order to route requests from Guac to the devices without port forwarding through the firewall?
>>> Regards,
>>> Matthew Strowbridge
>>> On Call Technology Services Inc.
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>>>> On Sep 14, 2016, at 10:42 PM, Andrew Sedlak < <>>
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I think the whole point of Guacamole is that it's a centralized system, allowing
access through any web browser without the need for a client. Basically once you've configured
all your devices to talk with Guacamole, you can access them all from a central point.
>>>> Myself I have a small setup when I have devices from two locations all coming
together in Guacamole. This does require some ports to be opened and forwarded but once that's
done, it's a fire and forget sort of deal.
>>>> Summary: This product is supposed to eliminate the need for client software.
>>>> On 15/09/2016 06:41, Matthew Strowbridge wrote:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> Guacamole newbie here and I have client questions I just can’t find
answers to. This may not be how to go about asking but I am going to give it a shot.
>>>>> I have Guacamole server up and running and have created an ssh connection
to a colocated server with direct internet connection and dedicated IP address. I am able
to connect to it through my Guacamole Home no problem. 
>>>>> What confuses me is if there is not a client I can run on computers behind
a router/firewall that connects to Guacamole server and allows me to connect to them through
the Guacamole server as well, what is the point? If I have to create a connection providing
an IP address and port to connect through on my Guacamole Home and then port forward from
my firewall to the desired computer to be able to access it, I can just use RDP, SSH, or whatever
native client to connect at that point. Am I missing something? Is there a client after all
that I can run on say a Windows machine behind a firewall and still connect to it via my Guacamole
server similar to a LogMeIn or Teamviewer service?
>>>>> Sorry for my ignorance and if this is not how to submit a question please
inform me as to proper method.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Matthew Strowbridge
>>>>> On Call Technology Services Inc.
>>>>> (o)845.477.5208
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