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From Bastiaan van Haastrecht <>
Subject Re: LDAP and MySQL, single connection
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2016 08:00:17 GMT
I'm trying to interpret your reply in steps to configure this. If I'm
correct this requires the LDAP schema to be extended? This is what we
try to avoid in order to create an solution which requires the least
amount of adjustments to the existing infrastructure. Large company's
aren’t very fond of extending the schema.

Would this solution be possible, it doesn't require schema extension:
- A user logs in, all LDAP groups within an defined scope are scanned
to see if the user is 'member' of.
- All connections stored in MySQL are processed on (a to create
property) to see if there's a match with the 'member' value.
- When there's a match, this connection will be added to the connections list.

This would require LDAP users to be member of LDAP groups, and these
groups should be added to a new property on Connections defined in
MySQL database.

If the existing solution is without schema extension, forget my
suggestion, but can you explain it a little more in detail then?


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