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From brian mullan <>
Subject created github repo of guacamole install scripts & youtube video showing how to use them
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2016 16:09:15 GMT
I finally got around to uploading the source for all my scripts/files for
installing Guacamole (v.0.9.9) with Tomcat8, NGINX, MySQL, XRDP/X11RDP on
Ubuntu 16.04 to GitHub:

The scripts also install the Ubuntu-MATE Desktop Environment on the target

I also spent time to create a YouTube video of the entire installation
process <>
using those scripts/files.

The original .MKV video file is much clearer than the youtube video upload.
  I can only assume youtube's processing of the .MKV upload changed the
video quality somehow.   But it should still be quite viewable.

In the video, I install everything on an AWS EC2 Cloud Server but you could
use the same scripts/files to install onto a Digital Ocean Cloud Server, a
local Server or even a local VM (all of which I've done).

The GitHub repository also contains what I hope is a pretty extensive
README.PDF explaining the entire process also.  It includes pictures of
various screens encountered in Guacamole etc to help augment the YouTube

The scripts are built to install on Ubuntu 16.04.

Additionally, there are 2 scripts which are optional during installation
but those scripts will create two LXD Containers on that same server/host.

Each of those Containers will be created with Ubuntu 16.04 also.

*note: With LXD you could create containers with other Linux Distro's
including Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Open Suse etc.   However,
my scripts just create & use Ubuntu 16.04 containers in the Demo.*

The containers also have Ubuntu-MATE, XRDP and X11RDP installed in them by
the scripts.

I built the XRDP & X11RDP  .deb files from source so they are both using
the latest code.   Most Distro repositories (including Ubuntu's) usually
contain much older versions.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that the source files & the video are there
in case they can help others get started with Guacamole.

If anyone tries this out and can improve anything from the scripts
themselves to the docmentation please feel free to dive in but please add
any changes to the GitHub repository.


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