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From Oliver Jones <>
Subject Mobile access
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2016 17:07:10 GMT
I have a few questions about mobile access to desktop sessions via
guacamole. I'm browsing a web site displayed in Google Chrome on the
virtual desktop, full screen.

I can get onscreen keyboard entry to work by swiping right, choosing the
appropriate option, then tapping the text-input line at the bottom of the
guacamole display.  But I can't get the onscreen keyboard to go away when
I'm done typing without swiping right again and turning off the onscreen
keyboard. If I click the keyboard's own close button, it closes and reopens
immediately.  I must be doing something wrong?

Scrolling?  swipe scrolling doesn't pass through. Not surprising, it's a
desktop display.  Clicking on the scrollbar works. One wonders if a swipe
could be passed through somehow.

It would be sweet if there were a way for software in the virtual desktop
session to pick up such things as browser user agent strings, with a view
toward passing them through.  Is there a way to do that?

O. Jones

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