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From Neil Canham <>
Subject Status and calabilityof desktop sharing
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2016 13:15:37 GMT
  Congratulations on becoming an Apache Incubator project!  I've been
following Guacamole for years and this is a wonderful step.

We have a need to run several Windows desktops that can be logged into in a
browser, each one could be connected to by quite a few people
simultaneously, and they would need to have a shared view.  I've seen
mention of shared desktop support now in Guacamole but I can't see anything
in the docs.  Would Guacamole running against RDP support sharing one
connection across many users?  If so, how many simultaneous connections
could one remote desktop support?

(We would need to use RDP as my experiments with VNC suggest that it isn't
possible to run more than one virtual remote desktop on a Windows box using

Any thoughts or pointers appreciated


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