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From Dmitri Chebotarov <>
Subject Guacamole username vs RDP username?
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2016 22:32:52 GMT


I’m working on custom auth. provider. The provider takes URL with hostname&username&password
and then connects to RDP session on hostname provided in URL. Everything seems be working
fine, but I’m not able to connect to more then one hostname in my case - I always connect
to 1st session even when I supply different hostname parameter in URL.

The guacamole log files indicates that guacamole username and RDP username is the same (guac’s
using username from config.setParameter("username", username) - the same as RDP).

I thought if I could use different usernames for guacamole authentication and RDP auth then
I should be able to open multiple RDP sessions for the same RDP username.

Is it possible to use different username for guac. auth - not the same  ‘username’ for
RDP connection? Or treat every connection as a new session, even if RDP username is the same?

Thank you,
Dmitri Chebotarov
223 Aquia Building, Ffx, MSN: 1B5 []
Phone: (703) 993-6175<tel:(703)%20993-6175> | Fax: (703) 993-3404<tel:(703)%20993-3404>
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