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From Matthew Ramella <>
Subject Question Regarding Invalid Username/Password for Linux VM's
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2016 18:27:50 GMT

We’re testing out Guacamole for use in our business (CenturyLink), and have a quick question
regarding authentication to Linux VM’s via Guacamole.

In our scenario, for connecting to Linux VM’s via Guacamole, we’re not passing usernames
and/or password, and thus, Guacamole is prompting for username and password (which is exactly
what we’re looking for :-), however, we noticed that if we pass a bad username/password,
the Guacamole view does not provide an error message, and does not indicate that a bad username/password
was provided, but rather, the view seems to hang, and the user cannot interact with the view.
 We’re wondering if this is a bug?  Ideally, we were hoping that the view would indicate
that a bad username/password was provided, and to please try again.


Matt Ramella
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