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From Ă–sth Mikael <>
Subject Map LDAP goups to connections
Date Tue, 31 May 2016 12:33:23 GMT

I have Guacamole set up with both MySQL and LDAP (MS AD) authentication. The guacadmin user
is also in AD so LDAP users and groups are populated in WebGUI.
I would like to make so that everyone that is member of an AD group gets a specific connection

But when I map a connection to this populated AD group, its members are still not getting
the connection when they login.
The only way I can map a user to a connection is to open every individually user and set its
connection, that cannot be the intended way?

Mikael Osth
Growth Analysis
Studentplan 3, SE-831 40 Ostersund
Tel: +46 10 447 44 19

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