Am 08.01.2019 um 11:54 schrieb Paul King:

> (4) While sponsorship is below what we'd like and below what it has been
> at some previous points in Groovy life, it isn't 0. We have several
> existing sponsors, e.g. OCI. The wording about the collective should take
> that into consideration.

     Yep. OCI is a great company for Groovy! We always appreciate its

      Let's imagine that would be really great if more people involve into
developing Groovy, more big features(e.g. MOP2, async/await) are completed
and hard issues(e.g. generics of STC) are fixed every year :-)

Totally agree with you, just suggesting the wording used is sensitive to existing players. I can help craft wording if needed.

Might be worth thinking about whether existing sponsors would consider giving their donation through the same channel ? Could have different tiers of sponsorship (gold, silver, etc), with respective logo sizes, etc to differentiate. Would lead to a greater exposure for them...
I guess it would also not be too hard to integrate a sponsor names or logos into e.g. Groovy console (if Apache allows that)...