Hi Paolo,

I have not used it myself, but have you had a look at the new Groovy 2.5 "abstract syntax tree search and replace"-feature (http://groovy-lang.org/releasenotes/groovy-2.5.html & search for "AST matching") ?


On 10.06.2018 16:55, Paolo Di Tommaso wrote:
Dear all, 

I'm trying to implement an AST transformation to replace any `==` binary expression with a equals method call invocation as suggested here.

My understanding is that it's required to override each the visitor for each node where a binary expression can appear ie. if statement, while statement, assignment, for loop, method call, etc. 

That looks a bit overkill. I was wondering if there's a better way to replace globally all `==` binary expressions with `equals` method invocations.