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From paul <>
Subject extending a class with an @Delegate
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2017 10:56:12 GMT
Suppose I have two Classes, one extending the other:

class Person{ String name, int age}
class Pupil extends Person {int grade}

Now to manage several Persons in a List, and add some custom methods, I 
use the @Delegate like

class Personlist{
   @Delegate List<Person> persons

   Personlist underAge(n){persons.findAll{it.age<=n} as Personlist}

Pupillist should have the same methods (since each pupil is a person):

class Pupillist extends Personlist{
   Pupillist inGrade(g){persons.findAll{it.grade==g} as Pupillist}

Now I want to chain several of these methods like this:
def pl = [...] as Pupillist

throws a MissingMethodException, because `pl.underAge` gets cast into a 
Personlist, which has no method `inGrade`.

I know I could work around this by
a) in the chain of methods, first call the more specialized methods, 
then the more general ones – but I don't want to care about that every time.
b) override the `underAge` function in Pupillist with a call to `super` 
– but then I'd have to write that boilerplate code I'd hoped to leave 
behind by using @Delegate.

Can someone tell me how to properly solve this (design?-) issue?

Thanks in advance
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