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From David Clark <>
Subject Http Builder NG
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2016 06:32:36 GMT

I've been meaning to announce the next generation of HTTPBuilder for 
some time now. I "accidentally" announced it yesterday as part of a 
reply to a question, but I did want to "officially" announce it.

http-builder-ng is a modern groovy update to the venerable HTTPBuilder 
project. It has a modern Groovy DSL, IDE support for autocompletion (via 
@DelegatesTo), supports type safe/static compilation, and many more 
features. Some quick links to check out the project:

GitHub Page:

Site Page:

Bintray Page:

I am currently using http-builder-ng in production work. We hope to add 
in a couple of additional features and release a 1.0 version after that. 
We released a bug fix release today (v 0.10.2).

One warning, http-builder-ng is not backwards compatible with 
HTTPBuilder. In order to support the more modern Groovy DSL syntax, fix 
some threading issues, and support newer version of Apache Http Client 
it was necessary break backwards compatibility.

I hope you find it useful.

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