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From Michael Rüegg <>
Subject Named function arguments in Groovy
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2016 07:50:22 GMT

I have a DSL where I want to pass named arguments like follows:

def foo(String a, String b, String c, Closure d) {

foo(a=“a”, c=“c”, b=“b”) {

I’m aware that named arguments are supported by receiving the arguments with a map:

def foo(Map<String, String> obj, Closure c) {

foo(a:"a", c:”c", b:”b") {

The problem with this approach is that for a user of this DSL, it is not obvious which parameters
are expected and what their names are (beside documenting it, but who is going to read that

How can I achieve named function arguments with “real" syntax in Groovy? Is there an alternative
to using maps for this?

By the way, I think it is kind of misleading for a beginner that the following compiles but
does not pass the arguments in the intended order:

foo(a="a", c=“c", b=“b") {
  // a == a, b == c, c==b

Is this intended behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

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