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From John Wagenleitner <>
Subject JsonOutput serialization options feature
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2016 03:59:12 GMT
Groovy Json users,

I recently worked on a project where it would have been helpful if
JsonOutput/JsonBuilder/StreamingJsonBuilder had options for controlling the
output.  I noticed there were some open tickets [1] for feature requests
around this so decided to try to add some options to control the
serialization and have proposed a pull request (

Just wanted to poll those that use the Json generating features in Groovy
to see if you think these options would be useful and would welcome any
code review for those that would be interested in reviewing the PR.  For a
quick overview I've included a sample below [2].

GROOVY-6699: JSON slurper ability to ignore propertie/field names (at least
the serializing part)
GROOVY-6854: JsonOutput should be configurable with ISO 8601 UTC time zone
instead of GMT
GROOVY-7682: JsonBuilder or JsonOutput incompatible with JodaTime (for now
via a closure converter)
GROOVY-7780: JSONBuilder/JSONSlurper: Option to Only Include NonNull values
GROOVY-7858: Make JsonBuilder configurable to not write entries with null


import groovy.json.*

def options = JsonOutput.options()
        .excludeFieldsByName('make', 'country', 'record')
        .addConverter(URL) { url -> '""' }

StringWriter writer = new StringWriter()
StreamingJsonBuilder builder = new StreamingJsonBuilder(writer, options)

builder.records {
    car {
        name 'HSV Maloo'
        make 'Holden'
        year 2006
        country 'Australia'
        homepage new URL('')
        record {
            type 'speed'
            description 'production pickup truck with speed of 271kph'

assert writer.toString() == '{"records":{"car":{"name":"HSV

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