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From Edmond Kemokai <>
Subject New IDE for Groovy web development
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2016 01:51:01 GMT
Hello Groovy Users,

I am the developer of Hivemind (, it is a web application
platform that greatly simplifies web application development on the JVM. It
also supports a bunch of languages that have been ported to the JVM
(Python, Groovy, Ruby, Javascript, Closure). It has a lot of interesting
ideas that I think you'll enjoy exploring.

The full product and source code is available for download on our site,
including rich documentation.

This IDE is different from traditional options out there in two key ways:

1) It is a completely integrated solution that combines an application
server (jetty), a Middleware and a browser based IDE. You simply start it
and get to work building applications.

2)It is designed for dynamic languages and is based on JSR-223. This means
you can use these dynamic languages on the JVM with ease to build standard
Java web applications. In fact the back-end of the IDE is built completely
in Groovy via JSR-223 scripting, in other words the product is self
referencing and uses its own constructs in its own construction.

I want to share with the community and hope to get some helpful feedback.
Happy to answer any questions.


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