This is really about Spring integration, but it might be helpful to you?:



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On 14 Aug 2016, at 5:28 AM, Richard Heintze <> wrote:

Can someone point me to some simple examples of using JMS with groovy? I'm looking for a simple client and consumer example that can demonstrate adding and remove to/from a queue.

I was google searching and found this:

I'd love to try out that code but I cannot find the consumer to go with it (the link to gmane is bad).

I tried running the mvn command here:

mvn org.apache.activemq.tooling:maven-activemq-plugin:5.0-SNAPSHOT:run

I get this error: The POM for org.apache.activemq.tooling:maven-activemq-plugin:jar:5.0-SNAPSHOT is missing, no dependency information available

What about the spring JmsTemplate and groovy? Is it advantageous to use this feature of spring with groovy?

Would it be asking too much to have examples that use grapes?