just saw this too: the env var USERPROFILE may be obsolete but i tried

up =  System.getenv("USER");
println up;

and that says


On Jan 10, 2016, at 7:25 AM, Richard Heintze wrote:

Why does the groovy shell require a special syntax?

I'm trying to make this work in the groovyConsole.

groovy.grape.Grape.grab(group:'net.sf.ucanaccess', module:'ucanaccess', version:'3.0.1')
sql = groovy.sql.Sql.newInstance("jdbc:ucanaccess://"+ System.getenv()['USERPROFILE']+ "\\Documents\\bin\\BackupRecords.mdb","net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessDriver"); sql.eachRow("SELECT pattern FROM FileNamePattern, (SELECT idFileNamePattern FROM FileNamePatternGroupToFileNamePattern WHERE idFileExclusionGroup=( SELECT idFileExclusionGroup FROM Directory WHERE directory=:dir)) WHERE id = idFileNamePattern  ", [dir:"%USERPROFILE%\\Documents\\WinOOP"]){ println it }

The first line does not work well! Can someone show me out to use the class loader in the groovy console?

Unfortunately, the blog that explained how to do this is now gone.