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From sterg <>
Subject pure JVM GroovyLab without native libs that perplex things!!
Date Sat, 30 Jan 2016 22:34:33 GMT
Hi all,

after trying to speed up numerical computations with native C/C++ code
in GroovyLab I found that it is not worth the complexity and instability,
because in most cases C/C++ code is slower than Java code!!

Therefore I removed the native libs from the current version of GroovyLab

Also, I removed the NVIDIA CUDA interfacing, since it is too specific to 
and requires a lot of complex things, as CUDA installation,
installation of the proper JCUDA native libs for the corresponding CUDA 
recompilation of the JNI interfacing code, setup of paths etc. etc. ...

I think that JVM only code is as fast as C/C++ and much more stable and 


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