Hi all,

I'm looking on some feedback on which maven plugin is currently preferred/recommended: GMavenPlus or groovy-eclipse-compiler?

As far as I know, development on the groovy-eclipse-compiler has stalled somewhat, and currently it does not support Groovy 2.4.4. Also, it's using its own groovy compiler, not the official one.

GMavenPlus on the other hand seems to lack Eclipse M2E support. If you import a maven project that uses GMavenPlus into Eclipse you get lots of these annoying "plugin execution not covered by lifecycle" errors.

On a project that currently uses the groovy-eclipse compiler I did a small test to replace it with GMavenPlus and I managed to get rid of those errors by including the following in my pom.xml, but I'm not sure that doesn't introduce any issues down the road (I'm not familiar at all with mapping Eclipse lifecycle events to maven goals):


Is there any "official" advise on this topic?