I really need to profile my program, and the Java profilers I've tried in the past with Groovy were not very helpful.   So, I was happy to see GProf and thought I would try it out.

The documentation doesn't tell you what you need to import to set it up.

I decided that I needed to import groovyx.gprof.ProfileStaticExtension

I tried the profile { ...}.prettyPrint() syntax that the example used, and the profile seemed to be run, but the pretttyprint failed when it tried to sort the output with a no such method error for java.lang.Long.compare(JJ).    That seemed an odd sort of error unless I am using the wrong version of the package, and I am pretty sure I am using the right one (I am using groovy 2.1.6)  I'm using Eclipse, and we are not using a separate build system like ant but just using the regular Eclipse build system.

Has anybody out there used GProf and can advise me?

-Ralph Johnson