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From <>
Subject Potential questionable situation in Grapes Module Loading
Date Sun, 24 Mar 2019 14:32:36 GMT
Dear Groovy Dev Mailing List,

When I follow Gradle recommendations in terms of dependency scopes of my Groovy Library, in
the end it produces errors when loaded via Grapes from Groovy Console/Groovy Shell:

groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Conflicting module versions. Module [groovy-xml is loaded
in version 2.5.6 and you are trying to load version 2.5.4

The build.gradle contains nothing more than the below in terms of dependencies:

dependencies {
    compile 'org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-all:2.5.4' 

Question: the Gradle documentation has to be fixed, or there is bug in Grapes?

Gradle documentation in question:

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