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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: AST Transformations and joint compilation
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2019 12:19:17 GMT
On 31.03.19 00:57, Paul King wrote:
> The other "interim" fix would be to try to have more AST xforms run
> before stub generation. This would not be about trying to do stub
> generation later but running (some) xforms during a first phase and then
> rolling back phases and proceeding normally. This isn't a general
> solution but could cover some more cases.

My feeling is that this is going to be messy and error prone

> We would perhaps mark xforms
> with a marker interface if they were amenable to such processing, e.g.
> if they are idempotent by nature or can be made so by storing some state
> in node metadata to indicate they have already been run. We also need to
> look at which bits of the current compiler could be run during that
> first phase and then pick xforms that are compatible with this
> (potentially) limited processing. We'd obviously not want to make the
> compiler significantly slower nor break existing xforms, nor make IDE
> support significantly harder, so I imagine there would be just some
> specific cases that we would try to support and numerous limitations.

that's what we did in the past for the most part. Maybe some xforms
could be split into an early and late step.. but something almost
essential we cannot do really.. run class resolving multiple times.
Because it is too slow - afaik

bye Jochen

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