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From Jan Lukavský <>
Subject Possibility to exchange Interpreter implementation for Groovysh
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2019 11:23:43 GMT
Hi Groovy devs,

for one of my projects, I need a possibility to exchange Interpreter 
implementation in Groovysh. I created PR that adds this functionality 
and tested it locally:

Could someone have a look at it, please? Or would you see a better way 
of doing what I'm up for? Essentially, I need better control of naming 
closure classes, because currently closures in shell can have the same 
name (groovysh_evaluate$_run_closure), which prevents correct 
serialization (for sending over wire). This could be fixed directly in 
the current implementation of Interpreter, but I see that the naming is 
not an issue in most cases.

Also, could this PR be cherry-picked in 2.5.x branch, if there is any 
plan for another release of 2.5.x?

Thanks for any feedback and comments,


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