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From MG <>
Subject Re: Groovy for Domino ?
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2019 01:16:52 GMT

On 24/02/2019 05:40, Paul King wrote:
> Looking forward to seeing where it goes and hopefully with plenty of 
> Groovy :-)

> It was a little disappointing when IBM pulled the plug on Project Zero:
> That could have been a Domino replacement if steered in the right 
> direction.

I am not sure that would not have given up too many of the things that 
make the platform powerful and unique (and having to use Websphere was 
always going to be a big problem) - but we will never know. Alas IBM has 
made so many half hearted attempts to modernize Domino over the years 
(basing the Notes client on the Eclipse platform - without ever really 
enticing people and giving them enough tool support to make them 
consider developing Domino-Eclipse-apps; or the "JSF 1.5 + GUI editor" 
XPages technology, that, in theory, would also have allowed RDBMS 
development interwoven with the Domino document centric DB), which all 
ended half baked. It always felt as if IBM never really knew what to do 
with its long running product.

I hope & expect HCL to do a much better job at this - hopefully with a 
lot of Groovy :-)


> On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 5:14 AM MG < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi guys,
>     as some of you night know, IBM has sold IBM/Lotus Domino to HCL
>     (,
>     While it is unclear what that means for the platform, it has always
>     seemed to me that Domino and Groovy would be a match made in heaven:
>     Groovy could (due to its static & dynamic nature, performance and
>     functional-orientation) replace all existing Domino languages: Java
>     (obviously; replace or extend), LotusScript (yup - replace ;-) ), and
>     Formula Language (Groovy itself, or the syntax compatible, high
>     performance Groovy variety coming with Elasticsearch
>     (
>     My question would be, if anyone has ever talked to the HCL people and
>     floated the idea, not solely, but also with regards to the fact that
>     some Open Collectives being funded by a single company (e.g.
>     Cheers,
>     mg
>     PS: I am a database/web developer who is formally part of a Domino
>     Notes
>     team (I used to do Domino development at the time of R5/6), and
>     nowadays
>     I only access Domino through the (excellent) OpenNTF Java API if
>     needed
>     (; using Groovy, of course G-) ), and I hear
>     about these developments from consultants/colleagues (who suffer
>     through
>     using LotusScript now that I have introduced them to Groovy G-) ),
>     so it
>     might very well be that information about the plans of HCL have
>     surfaced, which I am not aware of, which would make this idea mute...
>     PPS: For those who hate Domino/Notes, consider that it is one of the
>     only surviving RAD tools, while being based on one of the oldest,
>     proven, powerful & document-centric NoSQL databases. Imho, all it
>     would
>     need is a little Groovy push, to make this a truly impressive
>     platform... :-)

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