Hi devs,

Sorry if I insist on this, it may be that version string has not been updated on the 2.5.6 snapshot and therefore it's failing? 


On Mon, Jan 7, 2019 at 8:16 PM Paolo Di Tommaso <paolo.ditommaso@gmail.com> wrote:
Daer maintainers, 

The Nextflow joint build is failing with this error message.

System.getenv('CI_GROOVY_VERSION') == GroovySystem.getVersion()
       |                           |               |
       2.5.6-SNAPSHOT              |               2.5.5
                                   10 differences (28% similarity)

It looks the Groovy runtime version is not matching the declared version by the `CI_GROOVY_VERSION` env var. 

Could you please give it a look.