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From "Milles, Eric (TR Tech, Content & Ops)" <>
Subject Groovy and Mockito 1.10
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2019 16:26:55 GMT
Need a bit of help on how to proceed.  Groovy and Mockito 1.x have a history of incompatibility.
 Mostly this is because of the MOP.  There was a fix for Mockito 1.9 to allow Groovy for tests
and collaborators:  However this
has not been updated to handle Mockito 1.10.  There is a pull request<>
on this repository to fix support for Mockito 1.10, but it has not been merged in 3 years
time.  Mockito 2 has since been released and claims out-of-the box compat; however our org
and possibly others are using Mockito 1.10 heavily and have not looked into migration.

I'd like to propose a new groovy project (probably "groovy-mockito") that would address the
incompatibility between dynamic Groovy and Mockito 1.10.  It would only be a few files (3
sources, 1 resource plus tests in mockito-groovy-support).  So my question is, should this
be a sub-project of groovy/groovy-core, a new project groovy/groovy-mockito, or something
else?  I'd like to provide something that could be published to bintray/jcenter/maven central
so my org could use it and others waiting on that PR could also grab the artifact.

Eric M.

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