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From Daniel Sun <>
Subject [PROPOSAL]Provide an option to generate stubs in in-momery file system for better compiling performance
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2019 08:44:07 GMT
Hi all,

       Groovy's joint compiler will generate a lot of stubs for groovy
source files, many of the stubs are useless and written to disk and clean
later. When project contains a lot of groovy source files, the performance
of compiling is not good.

      I propose to add an option(e.g. ``) to
generate stubs in in-momery file system[1]. We can get the generated stub
files from the the in-memory file system with `StandardJavaFileManager`[2] .
Here is the `JavaCompiler` usage[3].

     We can avoid writing lots of stub files to disk and subsequent
cleaning, in addition, reading stub files from memory will be much faster
than reading from disk.

      Any thoughts?


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