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From MG <>
Subject Re: About the enhanced version of `Properties`, i.e. `GProperties`
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2018 20:25:23 GMT

Am 07.11.2018 um 01:13 schrieb Thibault Kruse:
> Properties also support loadFromXml(), and I guess nobody wants to
> suggest using .gxml as different extension?

While using specifc extensions for XML files carries the risk of the XML 
schema information inside a file not matching the extension (in which 
case I think the schema information inside the file should take 
precedence), if all (textual) XML files share the same .xml extension, 
you loose the ability to sort/filter/browse after a more specific 
extension in explorer or shell, and you alwas have to open each file (be 
it through a tool or by hand), to find out which information it contains 
and to which application it belongs, which is cumbersome and slow (and 
might not even be possible, if you lack the file system rights to do so).
So for me the benefits of having specific extensions clearly outweigh 
the drawbacks (as I said, it could also be e.g. .xml.grps instead of 
e.g. xgrps*)


*using the more concise .grps extension would be funny in German, since 
German "Grips" means brains/smarts...
- in any case I think we should consider using something less wieldy 
than .gproperties (which is like naming the fundamental data types in a 
language floatingpointnumber, integer, and boolean - oh, wait...)

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