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Subject Re: High Level DSL for Database Querying
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2018 15:45:40 GMT
When I evaluated what to base my framework on, I did not find much that
was available and looked interesting, except jOOQ - which at the time
started steering away from being pure OS (so was a no go for us). 

The jOOQ webpage licensing FAQ has the following to say on the topic: 

Can I use "jOOQ Open Source Edition" also in commercial software?
A: Yes, as any Apache-licensed software, jOOQ can be used in commercial

Q: Can I use "jOOQ Open Source Edition" also with commercial databases?
A: It is unlikely that you will get the "jOOQ Open Source Edition" to
work properly with a commercial database that is not supported by the
"jOOQ Open Source Edition". We strongly suggest purchasing commercial


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