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From MG <>
Subject Re: High Level DSL for Database Querying
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2018 21:39:05 GMT
Hi K,

as I said, your proposal overlaps in some areas with what my framework 
does, so I was suggesting you keep the functionality and naming 
conventions I listed in my last mail in mind when designing the DSL.
My framework is more geared towards developers, who need to be able to 
batch create RDBMS objects, such as e.g. 
packages/function/procedures/views for different DB users (e.g. exposing 
different columns or using different filter criteria in a select 
statement depending on the need-to-know of the appliction behind the DB 
user), and who want Intellisense support when writing SQL queries, 
working with table/view column collections, etc.

Apart from that, if all you want to supply is a simple DSL over Groovy 
Sql which is mostly for non-developers / scripting use (so no 
Intellisense I assume), then I personally would suggest you flesh it 
out, then ask for some feed back and then go ahead implementing a first 
rough version :-)


On 20.10.2018 20:38, adithyank wrote:
> Hi MG,
> The objective of my proposal is to make "Database querying and result
> processing" more handy also for non developers. i.e., mostly people who can
> write shell scripts or some simple perl scripts.
> In that view, I proposed a wrapper DSL overy groovy's `Sql` class.
> I feel that your idea is needs a bit more work for the script writers (may
> be developers or just script writers) as it has some more concepts that
> people have to understand.
> Any thoughts on this ? How should I proceed now?
> Thanks,
> K Adithyan
> India
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