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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] GString is implemented eager and treated as normal String since groovy 3.0.0
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2018 09:20:21 GMT

Am 11.09.2018 um 01:59 schrieb MG:
> Hi Jochen,
> could you be more precise about where you see the problem(s) in your 
> example:
> 1) That Wrapper is not an immutable class, and you can therefore change 
> its state after creation ?
> 2) That GString $-expressions (outside of "${-> ...}") do not capture 
> the expression, but the result of evaluating the expression (which 
> oftentimes will be an Object referece) ?
> 3) That GString is not immediately evaluated to its String representation ?
> 4) ... ?

The problem is user expectations. Many do not expect GString to be 
mutable, since they do not use it as a templating solution or something 
compareable. I think we should offer something here. That does not have 
to be GString in syntax at all.

Or we align more with Javascript tempalating and make GString immutable.

bye Jochen

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