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From Paul King <>
Subject Proposed @NamedVariant breaking change edge case
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2018 08:17:15 GMT
Hi folks,

I have been thinking about:

If you remember the design behind @NamedVariant, there were
two schools of thought. One group were keen on always having the first
parameter as a delegate; it's properties determining the keys for named
Another group were keen on the names of the params themselves
being the keys for named args. Our current design using @NamedParam
and @NamedDelegate market annotations covers both these use cases
and even allows mix and match.

I don't plan on changing anything in cases where either @NamedParam
or @NamedDelegate are used, however, I think I made the wrong call for
what should happen if no marker annotations are placed on the parameters.
I went with defaulting the behavior as if @NamedDelegate was implicitly
added to the first param. In fact, I think it should have been as if
@NamedParam was added to all parameters.

Basically, I propose making this (using the GROOVY-8703 example):

  Color(Integer r, Integer g, Integer b) {
    this.r = r; this.g = g; this.b = b

Be the same as this:

  Color(@NamedParam Integer r, @NamedParam Integer g, @NamedParam Integer b) {

    this.r = r; this.g = g; this.b = b

Given 2.5 has only been out for a few months, I suspect @NamedVariant
uptake won't be huge at this point and most probably folks aren't relying on
the behavior when the additional marker annotations are left off.
I propose we change this behavior and list it as a breaking change in
the 2.5.3 release notes. If we delay any longer though, I think we will need
to stick with the current design.

We could add an autoDelegate annotation attribute to allow the old behavior
to be switched on but I think in fact using @NamedDelegate on the first
parameter is actually clearer anyway. I guess for annotation collector
something like autoDelegate might be useful.


Cheers, Paul.

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