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From "Daniel.Sun" <>
Subject Re: About type inference of method return value
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2018 11:36:01 GMT
Hi C├ędric,

 > Basically, it's not easy to realize that when you have a non final
methods, subclasses can override the method to return a different type.

     As I proposed, the methods with smarter return type inference should
match one of the following charactristics: 
1) `final` 
2) `private` 
3) `static` 
4)  method defined in Script

     So these methods will not be overrided and the return type will be

     I will leave the implementation as it is util most of groovy users
require the smarter type inference ;-)


Daniel Sun 
Apache Groovy committer 
Twitter: @daniel_sun 

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