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From Remi Forax <>
Subject Support of Java 11 using ASM 6.2.1 and ASM 7
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2018 16:04:12 GMT
Hi all,
Java 11 introduces several new forward incompatible features* in the class file.

Currently javac only uses one of them, nestmates [1], which allows to declare that several
classes are part of the same nest thus allow access to private members in between them, obviously
changing the semantics of the private access for invokevirtual (see [2] if you want more info)
if not forward compatible.

Even if NestMates are declared as class attributes, we have decided in ASM to not ignore them
if there are present in the bytecode (a class compiled with javac 11) because this change
for the VM is far from innocuous, if you scrap those attributes, you get IllegalAccessError
laters, so if you use a ClassVisitor configured with the ASM6 API and ASM see a nestmate related
attributes (NestHost or NestMembers) it will fail with an UnsuportedOperationException.

Moreover, even if the support of Java 11 will came with ASM7, we have decided to introduce
a new experimental API version (currently ASM7_EXPERIMENTAL) which let you parse Java 11 using
ASM6 (6.2+), so if you want your favorite language to support Java 11, all visitors need to
be upgraded to the api version ASM7_EXPERIMENTAL.
You can also decide as before to wait until we release ASM7 (the first week end after the
release of Java as usual, so at the end of September) to use the ASM7 api.  


* see also Constant Dynamic ( and Preview Feature (


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