Dear development community,

I am happy to start the VOTE thread for a Groovy 2.5.1 release!

This release fixes some issues with OSGi, packaging issues related to JDK9+
and some trait bugs that didn't make it in time for 2.5.0.
There are no API-level breaking changes but the packaging changes
are breaking for a small handful of users who will need to add groovy-jaxb
and/or groovy-bsf into their dependencies. The flip side is that many users
won't need to worry about --add-modules java.xml.bind which was causing
usability headaches for many users. Further details will be in the release notes.

This release includes 42 bug fixes/improvements as outlined in the changelog:

Tag commit id: 5a5d254326d12639fad79451bd8ae39b1c82cbf6

The artifacts to be voted on are located as follows (r28027).
Source release:
Convenience binaries:

Release artifacts are signed with a key from the following file:

Please vote on releasing this package as Apache Groovy 2.5.1.

Reminder on ASF release approval requirements for PMC members:
Hints on validating checksums/signatures (but replace md5sum with sha256sum):

The vote is open for the next 72 hours and passes if a majority of at least three +1 PMC votes are cast.

[ ] +1 Release Apache Groovy 2.5.1
[ ]  0 I don't have a strong opinion about this, but I assume it's ok
[ ] -1 Do not release Apache Groovy 2.5.1 because...

Here is my vote:

+1 (binding)