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From Paul King <>
Subject Fwd: Returned post for
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2018 15:06:44 GMT
Our announce email has been rejected.

We've had numerous rejections before. Our signature/checksums links didn't
used to show up until the archive server sync'd with the dist server which
sometimes took several hours. I fixed that but we might have further work
to do - not sure - I don't really understand all the comments.

I don't really know what links the moderator is talking about. We don't
have checksums/signatures for the Windows installer files but they aren't
Apache produced artifacts at all - we just provide links to make our users
lives easier. Maybe we need to disclaim those links further or something.
All the other links are just other places you can get convenience binaries
etc. When you go and look inside repo directories instead of on the current
page, it is a little harder to understand how to verify etc. but I don't
see that as any different from any other Apache project. There are no KEYS
files in these directories nor would I expect there to be:

The "Big button" has always been there. Our users find it very convenient.
If you hover over it, it tells you the version. I've just added a second
line to it to remind folks about the verification information not far below
it on the page which talks about the KEYS file for all downloads etc.

Anyway, I am about the head off on holidays with family for a week. If
anyone wants to chase this up in the meantime, that would be great,
otherwise I'll look at it when I get back. I don't know who we need to get
in contact with.

Cheers, Paul.

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From: <>
Date: Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 12:25 AM
Subject: Returned post for
To: <>

Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the mailing list.

I'm sorry, your message (enclosed) was not accepted by the moderator.
If the moderator has made any comments, they are shown below.

>>>>> -------------------- >>>>>
Sorry, but the download page links to various URLs which don't have KEYS,
sigs or hashes.

The big red Download button does not provide info on how to verify the
[Nor does it say which version will be downloaded]
<<<<< -------------------- <<<<<

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From: Paul King <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2018 00:12:13 +1000
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Groovy 2.5.1 released
Dear community,

The Apache Groovy team is pleased to announce version 2.5.1 of Apache
Apache Groovy is a multi-faceted programming language for the JVM.
Further details can be found at the website.

For this release we focused on fixing up some of the usability/packaging
that the 2.5.0 release introduced as part of supporting Groovy across
JDKs 7 through (soon) 11. Maven/Gradle users not needing JAXB should
now have a much improved experience building with the new version.
(SUREFIRE users should read the release notes about some caveats).
In 2.5.2, we should have additional changes to improve the build
experience even further
for JAXB users and users of the Groovy command-line tools. Please read
the release
notes for further information:

This release is a maintenance release of the GROOVY_2_5_X branch.
It is strongly encouraged that all users using prior
versions on this branch upgrade to this version.

This release includes 44 bug fixes/improvements as outlined in the

Sources, convenience binaries, downloadable documentation and an SDK
bundle can be found at:
We recommend you verify your installation using the information on that

Jars are also available within the major binary repositories.

We welcome your help and feedback and in particular want
to thank everyone who contributed to this release.

For more information on how to report problems, and to get involved,
visit the project website at

Best regards,

The Apache Groovy team.

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