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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re:
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2018 08:55:15 GMT

Am 04.07.2018 um 05:00 schrieb Moy:
> Hi,
> I reported bug metioned in the subject as I was not able to ascertain 
> from the web if what I am facing is a consequence of desired intent.
> Paul King 
> <> suggested to

> check issue with the mailing list. Here I am following the suggestion.
> Using groovy shell to execute the following groovy script snippet fails 
> at compilation phase when executing the script through java. I am using 
> Jre1.7
> public  static  void main(String[] args)throws  Exception, IllegalAccessException {Object
 evaluate =new  GroovyShell().evaluate("\"abcd\".length() == .34");System.out.println("result:
"  + evaluate);
> }
>   In the above snippet, If I replace*.34* with*0.34* then the script 
> execution works as expected.

.34 is no valid decimal in Groovy.

> Please let me know if this problem will be fixed, if so which release 
> and when is the release date.

it is intentional not allowed to use .34. Unless you give a very good 
reason for why it should be allowed there will most likely be no fix.

bye Jochen

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