No plans to go to 18/19 model at this stage.

If we push for an early 3.0, some of the breaking changes will have to be deferred.
A very quick release after 3.0 could easily be a 3.1 if it was needed.

The next major release (4.0) would be when we had tackled (a significant chunk of) the remaining breaking changes.

Cheers, Paul.

On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 11:06 PM, mg <> wrote:
Is the intention to switch to a rapid major release cycle like Windows, Java, etc ? If yes: Shouldn't we then call the next major release Groovy 18 (or 19, depending on year of release) ?

Could also be: 
groovy 2.6 -> groovy 18.0
groovy 3.0 -> groovy 19.0

What exactly would be in 4.0 ? Going to 4.0 quickly after 3.0 seems to devalue to me what an old school major release encompasses/means (with regards to expectations/press coverage/etc)... (?)

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Yeah. Doesn't prevent us from having a quick 4.0 with module revamp if we're extremely good :)

Le mar. 22 mai 2018 à 13:29, Jesper Steen Møller <> a écrit :
And postpone module revamp?


On 22 May 2018, at 13.27, Cédric Champeau <> wrote:

I think we should slim down what Groovy 3 is, make it Parrot + JDK 8 basically.

Le mar. 22 mai 2018 à 13:22, Paul King <> a écrit :
The question is really (most of) Parrot on JDK7+ or Parrot on JDK8+ sooner.

On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 7:55 PM, Daniel.Sun <> wrote:
As a user, if you ask me whether I need the Parrot or not, my answer will
always be yes even if I seldom use it ;-)