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From MG <>
Subject Re: What the... static compile by default
Date Mon, 07 May 2018 22:43:47 GMT
On 07.05.2018 17:54, C├ędric Champeau wrote:
> I'd typically very much prefer a custom file extension for example.

That would be my preferred way to give anyone a simple mean to choose 
static compilation as the default for a Groovy file. Afair the counter 
argument was, that Groovy compiles any file with any extension in 
dynamic mode by default, so this might be a breaking change if someone 
has used the picked extension for his files. Groovy 3.0 might be the 
right spot to introduce something like this, since there will be 
breaking changes anyway...

> That said, since I'm not contributing code anymore (my last 
> contribution was rewriting most of the build, which I hope was helpful),

Any improvement/speedup of the Gradle build was _definitely_ appreciated :-)

> I'm happy to step down and let you work as you wish.

This is tricky: One cannot agree with just any direction someone who 
invests the time to advance Groovy wants to take it too, that would be 
taking Doocracy too far, imho, and might lead to a Groovy which is much 
worse than it could be.
In this particular case I am torn: I think we could definitely live with 
the system property, I don't feel there is a large probability that it 
will break anything. On the other hand, using the existing mechanism, or 
introducing a static compilation source file extension, or a compiler 
switch seem to me to be the better choices - but maybe Daniel can 
explain why he went with the property approach ?-)


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